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Soil Dynamics Laboratory
Multi-Directional Dynamic Simple Shear Apparatus
Soil Dynamics Laboratory
Large Size Dynamic Triaxial Apparatus
Soil Dynamics Laboratory
Resonant Column Apparatus
Soil Dynamics Laboratory
Cyclic Triaxial Apparatus
Physical Modeling Laboratory
Geotechnical Centrifuge
Physical Modeling Laboratory
1g Shaking Table

Welcome to the website of Soil Mechanics Laboratories

School of Civil Engineering, University of Tehran


The Soil Mechanics Laboratory was established in 1934 as one of the oldest laboratories of the School of Civil Engineering. In recent years, it has been further expanded into four major sections including Soil Mechanics, Soil Dynamics, Physical Modeling and Rock mechanics Laboratories. Being well equipped with modern testing facilities, all sections of the laboratory have been involved effectively in educational and research activities as well as collaboration with the industry on various research subjects in the field of geotechnical engineering. Hereby, we invite you to visit different sections of the website to find out more about our facilities and research activities.

  • Soil Mechanics Laboratory

    This lab maintains conventional and advanced soil mechanics testing equipment which are primarily used in undergraduate educational programs as well as engineering services to consultant companies and different industrial sectors.

  • Soil Dynamics Laboratory

    This lab is equipped with advanced static and dynamic element testing units including conventional and stress path Static Triaxial, large and small size Dynamic Triaxial, Resonant Column, large and small size Dynamic Hollow Cylinder and Simple Shear testing  ...

  • Physical Modeling Laboratory

    Modern physical modeling devices of this lab provide an opportunity for researchers to simulate the behavior of different types of earth structures subjected to static or seismic loadings. The facilities of this lab consist of a one-degree-of-freedom shaking ...

  • Research Projects

    Researchers in the Soil Mechanics Laboratories of the School of Civil Engineering are engaged in testing of the soil behavior subjected to static, earthquake and dynamic loading conditions. The combination of all advanced testing systems ...

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Soil Mechanics Laboratory
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